Home in Progress: Renovation Week 3 – 4

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BTO HDB Renovation Process

Sadly, due to the very long delay in getting the cement screeding done by HDB, our renovation schedule has been postponed.

And not just once!

Getting hold of the contractor in charge of the screeding was a huge pain. He either answered the phone and promised us it’d be our turn soon, or he just didn’t pick up the phone. We finally managed to secure our slot only after calling in to complain.

I guess complaining really does make a difference!

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18th June 2016

5 Fun Places to Visit in Ise and Toba, Mie

5 Fun Places to Visit in Ise and Toba, Mie

If you’re expecting Ise and Toba to be cities like Tokyo and Osaka, you’re in for a shocker.

We passed by the main station for Ise and our first reaction?

“Is this it??”


The area around the station was filled with shabby buildings and there were no gleaming buildings in sight – something we took for granted would appear.

So if you’re looking for a laidback vacation, Ise and Toba in Mie could just be the place for you. Here are 5 things you could have fun doing in Mie:

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16th June 2016

Learn New Skills at These 15 Sites

Highbrow: Learn New Skills at These 15 Sites

Always wanted to expand your knowledge or better your current skills? Maybe you’re working and you can’t quit to take up another 3-year degree course. Or you don’t even want to, because you don’t want to have to take up certain modules just to fulfil all the university credits.

Going back to university can be such a huge strain on your pocket as well. Do you really need a cert to prove you’re continually learning?

Why not try out some of these sites where you can learn plenty about business, finance, and almost anything under the sun – all without changing out of your PJs and leaving your house! Even better, some are for free!

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14th June 2016

5 Ways to Escape Excessive Consumerism

Eikando Zenrin-ji Temple

Back when I was in fashion school, I based my final year collection on excessive consumerism. Kind of ironic since the fashion industry thrives on that!

But I was becoming disillusioned. My classmates constantly talked about designer labels and the newest ‘it’ bag. Those things didn’t matter to me however, and I started to feel out of place. I love to design, but did that mean I had to always be clamouring for the latest trend or bag?

I didn’t want to be someone focused only on buying new things! I wanted to be able to focus on other things that matter most to me.

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4th June 2016