Fun at the Taipei (Muzha) Zoo

Flamingoes at the Taipei (Muzha) Zoo

60NTD (S$2.59). That’s the entrance fee for the Taipei Zoo, also known as the Muzha Zoo.

What about the Singapore Zoo? S$32.


Taipei (Muzha) Zoo
One of the many scenic spots in the zoo

Yup, you got that right. The Taipei Zoo is more than 12 times cheaper than the Singapore Zoo, and much bigger as well.

We were greeted at the entrance with an open enclosure of flamingoes. They’re so near it looks as if they can come out anytime they want.

Further in, there are pretty much any animal you can think of. Koalas, hippos, elephants, penguins, lizards, and pandas too.

The zoo is extremely spacious, clean and not crowded in the least! You can take your time at each enclosure and you won’t be rubbing shoulders with strangers. The whole area is very scenic as well, and have great spots for taking selfies.

The entire zoo is pretty walkable if you’re a fit adult. But if you’re lazy to walk, there’s the option of an open-air shuttle train that takes you from the Shuttle Train Station to the Bird World Station, Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo South Station and back again. And it costs just 5NTD (S$0.22).

Make sure you check the closing times of the indoor enclosures, such as the pandas and the penguins. They close earlier than the rest of the zoo! WJ was so disappointed he couldn’t say ‘hi’ to the penguins not once, but both times we went to the zoo because we always went too late.

Taipei Zoo Poop Wall

You can also learn more about animal poop at the toilet near the entrance, or pose in front of the colourful poop wall outside.

Dancing Elephants at The Taipei (Muzha) Zoo
Dancing elephants waiting to go back in

My favourite part of the zoo is when they’re closing. Sounds strange? It’s not.

They play a goodbye song to let patrons know that the zoo will be closing soon. The lyrics are in Mandarin though, so people not versed in the language might not get it and stay trapped in the zoo (who knows?). WJ and I were so tickled by the catchy song, we kept singing it the entire trip!

Here’s the song from YouTube. Enjoy!

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