Soaking in the View at Monsoon Valley

Hua Hin Monsoon Valley

I don’t drink wine.

Or rather, I don’t drink any form of alcohol. Never liked the taste and the bitterness it fills my mouth with.

So what was I doing at the Monsoon Valley vineyard?

For the view, of course!

Hua Hin Monsoon Valley

Unfortunately, grape-picking season was just over. And we also sadly missed the very cool-looking annual Monsoon Valley vineyard harvest festival by a few days.

Our hopes of pretending to be farmers for a day out the window, we decided to chill at the restaurant instead. And what’s a vineyard without some wine right? So WJ and his friends ordered a wine-taster set to share while I got myself a much-needed refreshing grape juice.

And some food, of course. ‘Cos drinking on an empty stomach isn’t good.

Mmm… And yes, the food tastes as good as they look!

The sun was still blazing after our scrumptious meal, but we had to check the place out. So off we went and trudged under the scorching heat in search for a single grape. Nope, there were definitely no grapes left to pick!

We would have explored the vineyard for longer, but the rain cloud caught up with us and it was threatening to pour. Our adventure was cut short, but since there weren’t any grapes left, we didn’t feel too disappointed!

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