A Weekend Hike at Upper and Lower Pierce Reservoir

Upper Peirce Reservoir

It’s been ages since I went for a proper walk. And no, walking the short distance from the office to lunch does not count. So WJ and I decided to gather the family and head to Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoir for a hike.

And after the 20km hike we did at Ozegahara in Japan, this was a walk in the park – literally. (Insert hair flip)

There are monkeys galore at the reservoir, and believe me when I say don’t bring plastic bags or anything resembling food carriers at all. We saw a young boy being chased by a group of feisty monkeys because he was holding one! Poor kid didn’t know to throw it aside, and his father was just standing there laughing at him.

We saw a hugeee group of monkeys gathering close to sunset at the open space at Upper Peirce. No pictures because I was scared to go too near! But I counted at least 30 monkeys squabbling and scampering about!

And speaking of sunsets, go to Lower Peirce Reservoir for a more spectacular one. The one we saw at Upper Peirce was not very impressive!

Charmaine Chan
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