Home in Progress: Renovation Week 5 – 7

BTO HDB Renovation Process

Phew! It’s been an intense 3 weeks packing on the weekdays after work, and checking on the house and scouring furniture stores on the weekends. We’ve now finally moved in officially after all the planning and waiting! Here’s what went down on the last 3 weeks of the renovation: Charmaine ChanDrools whenever she sees photos […]

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Home in Progress: Renovation Week 1 – 2

HDB renovation process

Renovation has started! Kenrich, our contractor, works fast! They gave us a work schedule so that we know exactly what they would be doing on which days. Here’s the progress so far… Charmaine ChanDrools whenever she sees photos of places with beautiful scenery. Charmaine longs to travel the world and explore every inch of it.http://www.sundaywalker.com

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HDB Renovation 101: Kitchen Sinks

Poh Seng Hardware Enterprise

Our kitchen is extremely tiny. To fit both a sink and a hob on one side of the wall, our contractor recommended we get a sink that was at most 60cm wide. After intensive research, I’ve compiled a handy list on different types of sinks and where to get them at good prices. Read on for more details! […]

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HDB Renovation 101: Hobs & Hoods

Ellane Hob & Hood package

Our kitchen being teeny-tiny, can only fit a similarly small hob at about 60cm wide. It was either that, or we have to live with a minuscule sink. No can do! After doing some research, I’ve compiled a handy list on the various brands and types of hobs and hoods, and where to find them at good […]

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Home in Progress: The Hunt for Contractors/IDs


After meeting with 10 different interior designers and contractors over the course of 5 months, WJ and I finally decided on the one we’ll entrust our flat to. But since we’ve already gone through all the trouble of meeting the 9 other ‘contenders’, I decided to compile a list that hopefully, you’ll find helpful! Charmaine ChanDrools […]

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